To Whom It May Concern:

I called your office the other day to have someone come out and get rid of my bee problem in the crack of a wall.  Titus came out promptly, he was professional, explained the whole process and within 30-40 minutes my problem was gone.  Itís been a few days since and the bees are definitely gone.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Brad Freeman

 "Jeff Williams aka ""JAY""","I c yall changed the web site up a lil bit.Its really cool but i cant find the pictures of me on the job with yall, i tell ya those were some of the most exciting times..."


 "Dave Zimmerman","12/6/2007","I think the picture looks great. Titus sure looks happy. I need to drink a litle wine before I spend $250 to get rid of bees. I'll get back to you. Thanks Titus for your help on the phone."

"Laurie Rosin", "December 12, 2007","I would recommend your service to anyone. I was so pleased Raymond was willing to save the honeybees and relocate them rather than decimate them. Because the shortage of honeybees has serious ramifications, I feel we made the better decision for the environment. Raymond was delightful company and very informative . . . at no extra charge. Thank you so much!"


"Rick Callaby","1-11-08","Raymond was thoroughly professional and explained each stage of the extermination as he did it. There was a large amount of honey to be removed but he removed it all. He was also a very likeable character and we talked as he worked. A job well done and I would recommend his services to anyone and will use them again if needed"



I very much appreciate Andrew's friendly, prompt, and efficient   service. He is both personable and competent, an asset to your service. I respectfully suggest that your company make the client aware of the   method of smoking rather than poisoning the bees. I appreciate that   Andrew did manage to save many of the  bees to be relocated, however,   given the endangered condition of honey bees and their essential role   in pollinating the planet's food supply I believe that it is   imperative to promote safe removal and relocation.

This is the only way to ensure the survival of the bees and the propagation of the   plants that are essential to our survival. In future I will make certain that I have inquired about all of the   options available and select one that is most beneficial to the   survival of the bees, the food chain, and ourselves. I will be more   concerned with the environment than expediency.
Many thanks for your attention.
Janet Komanchuk

September 2, 2011
Raymond and Dolores,

            I just wanted to thank you for fast service on a job well done!  Thought that the task of removing bees would be a lot more complicated, but you all gave us great customer service (coming out, giving us a competitive estimate, and doing the job all in the same afternoon) and did a wonderful job.  The hive area against the house at the porch ceiling looks like it did before, with no damage done and everything put back the same way- amazing! Thanks, also, for the jar of honey which the bees were kind enough to share.  Hope the bees didnít treat you too badly (they did get a little mad!) and that they like their new home.  We hope to have the opportunity to recommend your business to friends or family in the future-

Amy Kelly



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